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9 June 2007
The outside of the chapel had little scenes, arranged like the stations of the cross, but instead dealing with events in Jesus' life that involved Mary.
This one deals with the only biblical story about Jesus' childhood. The Holy family went on a pilgramage. The pilgrims split up by sex, so the women and men were walking separately. Jesus was young enough that he could have gone with either group, so his parents both assumed he must be with the other. When they met up, though, Jesus was missing! Alarmed, they went back to the temple looking for him. they found him teaching there. His understanding of scripture was so great that the clerics there were asking him to explain things. His parents, however, were pissed. Jesus reminded them that he was the son of God and all and would need to go do such things. His parents told him to wait until he was older. so he did, not to do anything else miraculous until the wedding feast at Canan, where he turned water into wine at his mother's request. That scene, alas, was not on the church.
"Verlies van Jesus in den tempel."

Date   6/9/2007 1:33:31 PM
Camera model   DSC-U30
Shutter speed   1/100
Aperture   f/4.0
Maximum aperture   f/2.8
Exposure bias   0.00
Exposure   Normal program
Focal length   5mm
Light source   Unknown
Flash   Off
Metering   CenterWeightedAverage
ISO sensitivity   100


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