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9 June 2007
The outside of the chapel had little scenes, arranged like the stations of the cross, but instead dealing with events in Jesus' life that involved Mary.
The second deals with the holy family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) running to Egypt. They fled because of King Harrod. One of his prophets told him that a great king was just born. Misunderstanding the spiritual rather than political nature of the coming kingship, he became alarmed about being displaced. Therefore, he ordered that all baby boys under the age of two be killed. Fortunately, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to go hide out in Egypt for a while.
There is no historical record of a mass slaughter of infants, thank goodness. However, there is symbolic import in creating a connection to Moses. As you may recall, he caused the Jews to be freed from slavery in Egypt. This was accomplished through God taking a bunch of hostile actions against Egyptians, including, finally, killing male children. the Jewish homes were spared - passed over. There is also no historical record of this event, however, this is the origin of Passover.
The infant Jesus thus returns to Egypt to flee a slaughter of male children.
"De vlucht naar Egypte"

Date   6/9/2007 1:33:23 PM
Camera model   DSC-U30
Shutter speed   1/100
Aperture   f/4.0
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Exposure bias   0.00
Exposure   Normal program
Focal length   5mm
Light source   Unknown
Flash   Off
Metering   CenterWeightedAverage
ISO sensitivity   100


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