August 2004

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30 August 2004 Times Quare in the middle of the night on the eve of the RNC
30 August 2004 Tourism! (I love biking in manhattan!)
30 August 2004 It's not just me biking in NYC
30 August 2004 There's a really nifty arts space near where I'm staying
30 August 2004 Where tacky restaurants get their statuary
30 August 2004 Not Cornerstones, but they've been here.
30 August 2004 XXXXXX Presents "I'm Gonna Kill the President" by XXXXXX
30 August 2004 Metro tracks in one of the borros
30 August 2004 Metro tracks in one of the borros
30 August 2004 Penn station is open, but everything else around Madison Square Gardens is shut down.
30 August 2004 Republican advertisements. Fox News. I saw a sign for Larry King near there too
30 August 2004 Very quiet protester, outside of the Free Speech Zone
30 August 2004 a REAL billionaire for Bush. He's wearing a hat like mine. I'm sad this picture is blurry
30 August 2004 More real billionares for Bush, also with a nice Panama hat. I thought I was being sneaky, but the woman noticed me taking her picture. I said I was a tourist. Real republicans wear ties, panama hats and blue blazers
30 August 2004 A secuity checkpoint. All vehicles subject to search.
30 August 2004 I tried to take another picture of the rest of the checkpoint after this one, but a cop noticed the flash from my first picture and told me I couldn't photgraph security. No wonder constitutional rights need "zones".
30 August 2004 I finally, after many many blocks of detour got to the free speech zone and there was nobody there but a few hippies.
30 August 2004 More hippies. There was also somebody with an acoustic guitar.
30 August 2004 We're only a block or two away form Madison Square Garden, but there's no access on this side, so the republicans and the media will never see us unless they seek us out. They'd have to walk through blocks and blocks of police barricades. And then they'd just see some dirty hippies. And meanwhile, the cops can photograph us in our little cage. Yay democracy!
30 August 2004 There were a few news vans near the free speech zone, though.
30 August 2004 And some sinage along the delegate's bus routes. They ride charter busses. They don't venture outside of their security zones. Most activists are staying with people and not in hotels and are on tight budjets. The bike block is dumpster diving. Manhattan is very empty seeming. No money for local buisinesses. What is the city getting out of this convention?
30 August 2004 David is staying in the Hotel Chelsea
30 August 2004 The lobby is full of art


Copyright 2004 Celeste Hutchins