August 2004

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6 August 2004 A Berkeley Hippie House. Is it a home or an insitution? I dunno. I love the berkeley brown shingle houses with the tiny overgrown yards.
6 August 2004 Some Berkeley houses put public builiten boards out in front of them. I don't know if they're just community minded individuals or they're some kind of institution. This biilboard is in front of a berkeley hippie house.
6 August 2004 There's a planter full of vegetables on the street side of the sidewalk in front of a Berkeley Hippie house. Presumably, the planter gets a lot more sun then the overgrown yard. Do they have problems with people taking zuchinnis or are they glad to share?
6 August 2004 The elementary school in my neighborhood: Rosa Parks. It used to be Columbus. I'm glad they renamed it.
6 August 2004 I've heard that Rosa Parks is a good school.
6 August 2004 The benches in front of the school are tiled with tiles apparently colored by school kids. the one with the wall broken in half might be a reference to the earth quake damage that caused the old buildings (from when it was Columbus) to be torn down.
6 August 2004 Some people made donations for the new construction and they have bricks and other tiles in the ground between the benched the kids made tiles for. The big one quotes Rosa Parks saying "the only tired I was was tired of giving in." It's a widely taught lie that Rosa Parks just refused to give up her seat because she was tired. Her act of protest was spontaneous, but she had been going to meetings about challenging the bus laws and knew that a lawsuit was planned and they wanted someone like her to challenge the law.
6 August 2004 These flowers grow around here in August. they're called naked ladies. Tee-hee-hee
6 August 2004 Woe is me, I got a blister on my foot.
6 August 2004 The round shingle above the door of that West Berkleey House says 1892.
6 August 2004 Some berkeley youth group grows vegetables for produce boxes. All locally grown. Nifty.
6 August 2004 The community garden run by the Berkeley Youth Alternative
6 August 2004 The garden run by the Berkeley Youth Alternatives.
6 August 2004 I walked by the Hippie House again and noticed this altar next to the sidewalk
6 August 2004 The hippie house also has a worm composting bin right on the sidewalk. It takes "worm food"
6 August 2004 This is what worm food looks like
7 August 2004 This old Ford was parked in front of the Chocolate factory. It's not a Model T. Cola says it's a Model A.
7 August 2004 The back of the very old Ford.
7 August 2004 Flowers growing on Dwight.
7 August 2004 I have a pet pig. she doesn't eat much, mostly scraps, especially old rusty bolts.
7 August 2004 If you snap the spring tail, it makes a low frequency that you can feel in your feet.
7 August 2004 The plants on my back porch are in disarray, but the pig sculpture endures.
7 August 2004 The sign above the garage says "Berkeley Bullfighting Academy." This house is on my street. I love the wacky houses.
7 August 2004 It's not surprising that you might tear out the first flor to remodel, even if it seems precarious, but the upstairs people are obviously not mvoed out.
7 August 2004 ice
7 August 2004 Nicole sits at MacArthur Bart with her armadillo purse, waiting for the train. About a million people asked if it was made out of a real armadillo, even though it obviously looks like a plush toy. People like to share their memories of purses actually made out of armadillos. Now I kind of want one.
7 August 2004 Who on earth would look at a live armadillo and think "I bet that would make a nice purse?" It's so nuts.
7 August 2004 I hope these folks were tourists. They were disappointed by the lack of responce to their sign. I don't know how you would ge tthe idea that you might be able to hang around downtown SF and have people respond to your "show us your tits" sign waved at passing cars. If you do it, though, you need to write bigger.
7 August 2004 My friend Fausto was webcasting the SF Electronic Music Festival concerts on his internet radio station.
7 August 2004 Brian (don't know his last name) and Maggi Payne at the SF Electronic Music Festival. Maggi was my composition teacher at Mills. She's awesome.


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