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28 June 2006
In the square in The Hague. They were some sort of military band. It was close to memorial day, but I don't know specifically why they were playing.
28 June 2006
Nicole in front of the Amsterdam central train station. The dial above her head shows which direction the wind is blowing.
28 June 2006
This mirror thingee was on the ceiling of the salon where I got my hair cut. You can see in the center Nicole and I. Behind / above us is a larger than life statue of Tom of Finland's highway patrol character. To the right is a painting of a pantless man in bondage. It was a very, very gay salon. I recommend it.
20 June 2006
While I was out of town, Paris had it's gay pride celebration. During that time, the rainbow "cry me a river" sign appeared on a building near where I lived.


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