June 2006

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22 June 2006
Water running through the storm drain system in a village on the edge of the Black Forest
22 June 2006
A war memorial in a village on the edge of the Black Forest.
"Den Schützern der Heimat zur Ehr"
I don't know what this means, but it's strange that the soldiers look like WWII soldiers.
I've been thinking about this and it may be the case that if the French get to celebrate Napolean, who went around attacking everybody, maybe the Germans should be allowed to remember their dead from their war of aggression?
22 June 2006
Everybody in Germany has football mania. The Italians won their match and so Italian folks all got in their cars to drive around honking with flags.
I don't know what about football victory draws people to cars. It seems like football is often mixed with alchohol consumption and thus driving around with people standing up and whatnot waving flags is ill-advised, but I do tend to worry too much about such things.
22 June 2006
I think all the Italians in the Baden region drove to Karlsruhe where they had an impromptu parade.
22 June 2206
This whole line of cars are full of celebrating Italians
22 June 2006
Setting up for Phillips' Concert
22 June 2006
Party after Phillip's concert
24 June 2006
Köln Cathedral
24 June 2006
A few football fans
24 June 2006
This chalk artist was doing a version the Mona Lisa holding a FIFA football with German flags on her cheeks.
Many German football fans had painted flags on their cheeks. You can see some of them in the background holding flags.
24 June 2006
After Germany's victory, many football fans thronged in the streets, waving flags and singing. Many of the flags were pre-reunification.
26 June 2006
The cathedral in Cologne is massive
24 June 2006
Tourists from all over the world and Germans lingered in the square in front of the cathedral. A common bond of football love tied them together.
24 June 2006
The sign on the cathedral door says, "Rosenkranzgebet und Abendmesse sind wegen der WM nach St. Maria - Himmelfahrt verlegt! Der Dom bleibt geschlossen!"
Roughly, I think this means: "Rosaries and evening mass are delayed (cancelled?) for the World Cup match (and) the Virgin Mary has gone on a trip to heaven. The cathedral is closed."
24 June 2006
Saints in the cathedral doorway
24 June 2006
Football fans
24 June 2006
The statue on the right is Eve
24 June 2006
Most of the cathedral statues in Cologne are modern
24 June 2006
24 June 2006
The streets were packed with football fans
25 June 2006
Holy crap, that's the Ukranian football bus! And those folks I just saw walking by must have been the team!
25 June 2006
Old Roman gate into the city
25 June 2006
Altar inside the Cologne cathedral
25 June 2006
Mosaic inside the Cologne cathedral
25 June 2006
Altar inside the Cologne cathedral
25 June 2006
The mian altar inside the Cologne cathedral
25 June 2005
An altar inside the Cologne cathedral
25 June 2006
The reliquary inside the glass is claimed to contain the remains of the three wise men
25 June 2006
They claim the gold box contains the three wise men
25 June 2006
Stained glass and crucifix inside the cathedral in Cologne


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