April 2006

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16 April 2006
Mathais, me and Cola in the Munich botanical gardens
14 April 2006
Cola and I rode a train out to see the See at Starberg
14 April 2006
At Starberg, there wasn't actually all that much nature, but there were swans and boats
17 April 2006
Cola and I at the See im Starnberg
17 April 2006
There were also very touristy restaurants right on the water
17 April 2006
It was lovely weather and the closest I've gotten to being outside of a city in a long time.
17 April 2006
A statue and a bunch in front of sprouting Tulips in Starnberg
17 April 2006
It takes Nicole about ten times as long to adjust for a film picture as it does for me to snap a digital picture (it's art after all), so I have many pictures of her taking pictures
17 April 2006
Swans in Starnberg
17 April 2006
Cola leans on a bridge in Starnberg
17 April 2006
This wooden statue looked ancient, but couldn't have been. Photo taken in Starnberg
17 April 2006
It was sunny and lovely
17 April 2006
This wooden footbridge is also a drawbridge which opens to allow small sailboats to pass under it
17 April 2006
This picture is taken from a wooden footbridge/drawbridge, which opens to allow these boats under it.
17 April 2006
Cola poses on a bridge
17 April 2006
The See
17 April 2006
Nicole in the Englischer Garten, by the Chinesischer Turm Biergarten
17 April 2006
Nothing says a good time more than a liter of beer and a pretzel significantly bigger than your head.
Nicole smiles at Chinesischer Turm in the Englischer Garten.
This was an excellent and fun Biergarten, with a larger number of locals and a live brass band.
17 April 2006
The Chinesischer Turm in the Englisher Garten in Munich.
The bass band plays on the first floor (not the ground floor). Here, they stand up play their farewell song.
The brass on the left looks like Wagner tubas to me. I saw them in music stores also. I wonder what they actually are.
17 April 2006
The high point in the Englischer Garten at sunset
17 April 2006
A river rushes through the Englischer Garten.
Upstream from here (but too far away to photograph) I saw a larger waterfall that generated some waves. There were kids surfing back and forth across the river. They seemed to be able to go from side A to B to A before they wiped out.
17 April 2006
"Lieber Landesvater! Regieren heisst Handeln - nicht Aussitzen. Tarifverhandlungen JETZT! Wir warten seit 64 Tagen"
"Dear Land father! Governing is called Acting - not Sitting out. Collective bargaining NOW! We've been waiting for 64 days."
There were protesters camped out across the street from the seat of government for the state of Barvaria
17 April 2006
These fine protesters and others were keeping a 24 hour watch by their post.
German is "reforming" it's labor laws to give less time off and require longer work days, but with no pay increase. The man on the left explained that it amounted to a month of free labor per year.
Why would they do this? So they could "compete" with other crappy labor markets like the US! Huzzah, it's a race to the bottom! Eventually, given the free hand of the marketplace, everyone (save the upper classes) will be working in sweatshops with no breaks for pennies a day. Who knows what we'll be making in those sweatshops, because nobody (save the upper classes) will have money to buy anything.
This globalization stuff really shows the through in Marx's call for workers of the world to unite. These German workers are not our competitors, they are our brothers and sisters. We must be inspired by their resistance and work together for fair treatment.
18 April 2006
Nicole on the train back to France
20 April 2006
Nicole at the Gates of Hell!
In the Jardin de Rodin in Paris, France
20 April 2006
Pouting in the Jardin de Rodin, the gardem outside the Rodin museum in Paris, France
20 April 2006
Cola snaps photos of bronzes in the garden at the Rodin Museum in Paris, France
20 April 2006
Thisis a famous statue by Rodin. However, I cannot remember it's name.
20 April 2006
Note the small spring leaves on the trees behind Nicole. Note the tiny pink flowers. It's springtime in Paris!
20 April 2006
Spring time is a time for lovers. Paris is the city of love. Rodin is the sculptor of the pain and horrors of mdernity and visions of hell. What could go better together?


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