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17 April 2006
These fine protesters and others were keeping a 24 hour watch by their post.
German is "reforming" it's labor laws to give less time off and require longer work days, but with no pay increase. The man on the left explained that it amounted to a month of free labor per year.
Why would they do this? So they could "compete" with other crappy labor markets like the US! Huzzah, it's a race to the bottom! Eventually, given the free hand of the marketplace, everyone (save the upper classes) will be working in sweatshops with no breaks for pennies a day. Who knows what we'll be making in those sweatshops, because nobody (save the upper classes) will have money to buy anything.
This globalization stuff really shows the through in Marx's call for workers of the world to unite. These German workers are not our competitors, they are our brothers and sisters. We must be inspired by their resistance and work together for fair treatment.

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