The Pope Calls Queers Unnatural

The Pope got upset about the Rome World Pride march and said homosexulaity was unnatural. Those are strong words coming from a celibate man in a dress. Let's take a jaunt through the fields of logic and see what execatly he meant by unnatural. In one case, he could mean "icky-poo gross, i don't like to think about it," which is entirely subjective and thus the definition of unatural changes from person to person. For instance, I think eating brussel sprouts is unnatural.

Or he could mean "not found in nature." In which case, suburbs and television are also unnatural and we don't make moral pronouncements on those things. So some unnatural things would be ok, wheras others would not. Furthermore, this is a faulty argument regardless, as homo and bi sexulaity are found in nature. And, lest the pot be accused of calling the kettle black, it is not clear that males voluntarily chosing celibacy (ie, they have the capacity and opportunity to mate but consistently pass up on it) are, themselves, found in nature. So his lifestyle choise (and unlike being queer, we can be absolutely sure being Pope is a choice), is unnatural, whears queerness is not.

I find it an outrage that the church be promoting unnatural acts while at the same time denigrating natural ones around it... But he is the Pope and can verbally bash homos all he wants. It may be a wise move for him, since guilt ridden catholic homo men are a good source of priests. There are, of course, problems with using that recruitment technique, but that's another rant.