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20 Mars 2006
I was at a bakery in Bagnolet and I noticed that they had a price listed for a divorcé. What kind of dessert could that be? Would it be bitter, I wondered.
What you see here is about as big as my head. The bottom is a puff pastry shaped like a large donut. It's topped with a hard caramel layer. In the donut hole part, there's a big glob of a vanilla-pudding-like filling. On top of that there are three smaller puff pastries. They also are topped with hard caramel. They have the same vanilla filling in the middle. On top of them is too more puff pasties of the same sort, and finally a sole one on top. The whole thing is glued together with copious amounts of whipped cream.
It was just too too too much, but if I were getting divorced again (god help me) it would take my mind off my sorrows. But I think it should be chocolate rather than vanilla in that case.

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