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4 June 2007
The Cloister garden in Breda
It looks like just a gazing ball, but, infact, it has religious purposes. Satan can sometimes be found in gardens during the summer months (I guess it's too cold for him in the other seasons?) and might sneak up on cloistered women. Fortunately, a reflective ball can alert them to Satan's wiley presence.
Some guy in town told me this, so it must be true.

Date   6/4/2007 12:37:08 PM
Camera model   DSC-U30
Shutter speed   1/640
Aperture   f/5.6
Maximum aperture   f/2.8
Exposure bias   0.00
Exposure   Normal program
Focal length   5mm
Light source   Unknown
Flash   Off
Metering   CenterWeightedAverage
ISO sensitivity   100


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