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9 June 2007
A closer view of the altar.
The statue of Mary is a pose which is recognizable. It is from when the angel Gabriel appeared to her and told her that God wanted to knock her up.
At the very top of the altar is a heart on a shield. This heart may represent either the heart of Jesus or of Mary. Alas, I can never remember how to tell them apart.
From bottom left to right, the symbols on the little shields around the altar are: a gauntlet, a dress, something obscured by flowers, something I can't make out, a sword, an ear of corn, a broccoli, three nails, the face of Jesus on a cloth (in one of the stations of the cross, a woman wipes his face and his face turns into an image on the cloth, but this one shows him wearing a real crown, not one with thorns), a hammer, pliers, a spear?, don't know, a chicken, a ladder, and the final two I can't make out.
I can't remember if the flowers were real or not. There were certainly artificial ones in the chapel.

Date   6/9/2007 1:36:19 PM
Camera model   DSC-U30
Shutter speed   1/15
Aperture   f/2.8
Maximum aperture   f/2.8
Exposure bias   0.00
Exposure   Normal program
Focal length   5mm
Light source   Unknown
Flash   Off
Metering   CenterWeightedAverage
ISO sensitivity   100


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