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16 June 2006
The top half of the monument from the previous picture. Look at all those angels! This was also at the highest point in the graveyard and is the tallest monument.
For myself (in the far future) I don't think I need the most imposing location, as people are certain to seek it out. Tallest is still good though. As are those angels, but don't forget the multiple weeping women. Maybe the whole thing should be set against a wall for the mosaic work. Also, it should be somewhat protected from the elements so I don't end up like Ozymandias.
Perhaps also a foundation could be established to put busts and statues of me in public squares. Like Ronald Reagan has. People involved can solicit donations, have banquets, pay themselves salaries and give themselves awards, but they should actually manage to get a sculpted likeness of me up once in a while.
Mostly, I want to be remembered like I lived, but a bit more vain and self-aggrandizing.

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