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6 June 2006
Early stereo DJ gear??
I cannot explain what this is, however, aside from the two bells seeming to indicate stereo, each needle has an air tube coming off each side. In "modern" records, this is how stereo is inscribed, such that the left channel is on one side of the groove and the right channel on the other. So is it stereo?
This also has a pressure gauge, which implies the needles are kept pressurized. This suggests that perhaps this was for cutting records? I think that mono-era records actually did have stereo, but with the expectation that it would be summed by the amp, thus resulting in haphazard stereoization which tended to sound silly when actually played in stereo and that's why old stereos have "mono" switches on them.
I would think the two platters implies duplication, but records are usually pressed, rather than duplicated sequentially, although who knows what they did in the beginning.

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