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3 July 2007
Decorative hooks in Amsterdam.
Many of the homes in Amsterdam have hooks up top and lean forward. This is because the stairs are incredibly narrow and steep, but the windows tend to be big. If you want to get a sofa or a piano into an Amsterdam house, usually, the front window is the best way. The hooks are there for pulleys to get furniture and whatnot in and out of the houses.

Date   7/3/2007 9:36:08 PM
Camera model   DMC-FX12
Shutter speed   1/60
Aperture   f/5.0
Maximum aperture   f/2.8
Exposure bias   0.00
Exposure   Normal program
Focal length   17.4mm
Sensing   One-chip color area
Light source   Unknown
Flash   Off
Metering   Pattern
ISO sensitivity   100


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