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9 Fenruary 2007
A small protest at the Porte de St. Dennis, at the border of the 10eme in Paris. The sign on the right explains that it's the Collectif des Sans Papiers of the Paris 18eme. In english, this means that it's the union of undocumented workers from the 18th arrondissement.
Groups like this regularly demonstrate in Paris.
I love that they have strong unions, but a Frenchman came up to me and spoke to me (in English, after I failed to understand his French) about how they want to take over and want immigrants (and black folks) in and French people out.
Um, yeah, dude, you know I'm an immigrant and that black woman enxt to me is my girlfriend who has a valid French residency permit . . .
I did not tell him to fuck off, but he could tell that I disagreed with him, despite my silence. Right wing assholes are the same verywhere in the world, but the French oens are a tiny bit more sensitive. He non-apologized and walked off.

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