The Danger of Classical Music

After reading Testemonials of Young People who Left Chrstian Rock, I wrote a letter to the keepers of that website:

    Dear Sirs,
    I was reading your testimonials about young people and
    Christian Rock and I wanted to pass along a warning
    that Christian Rock is not the only bad music.
    A lot of people think they can stay close to God by
    listening to light classical music, but they must
    beware this is also a path to Satan.  I used to listen
    to light classical music and I got to really like it,
    to the point that it was kind of distracting, so I
    couldn't read my bible when I was listening to it. 
    This was bad enough, but I started getting into harder
    classical.  I got some CDs of the light classical they
    play on the radio and I began to listen to the minor
    key movements of those symphonies.  They are much more
    intense and very distracting.  I started getting into
    operas and more and more modern classical music.  I
    listened to Wagner's Ring Cycle, which is a completely
    pagan piece of music, glorfying pagan gods.  I quit
    reading the bible entirely and instead started playing
    the tuba, against my parents' wishes because Wagner
    used it so heavily.  I spent the time I used to spend 
    praying practicing scales.
    Even as bad as this was, it got worse.  I got all the
    way up to twentieth century classical music and
    started listening to people like Stockhausen and then
    worse, known homosexuals like Bernstein and John Cage.
     What John Cage wrote wasn't even really music
    anymore, it was just noise, but it came from the
    classical tradition and I can trace a straight path
    from my listening to Bach and Beethoven to my
    listening to John Cage.
    At some point, I was reading a score of 4'33", a piece
    of music written by John Cage that is just 4 minutes
    and thirty three seconds of silence and I realized
    what he did was not music at all, it was Satan's tool
    for distracting me from God.  I quit playing the tuba
    and got rid of all my CDs.
    Now I can't listen to even a major key piano sonata
    without thinking of heavier classical and wanting to
    fall away from God again.  Even many hymns, especially
    ones by classical giants, like Bach are distracting to
    me now.  I have scars that may never heal from this
    period of being away from God and disobeying my
    parents and I may never forget the music theory I
    leanred (it is distracting at church to be hearing
    chord relationships, when I should just be singing and
    glorifying God).
    Everyday, i thank God for delivering me from Satan's
    classical music and pray that He may continue to keep
    me safe.  This will always be a struggle for me.  The
    best way to avoid this trap is not to fall into it. 
    Please warn your readers to only listen to hymns!
    I am a 20 year old student from North Carolina and I
    have been away from classical music for 3 years now.
    thank you

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