The 15 GRE Words of the Day - Day 1

1. abbreviate (verb) to make breifer, to shorten. If all the vocabulary words are this easy, I will be able to abbreviate my study time.

2. abberation (noun) a deviation from what is normal or natural, an abnormality. "Dr" Laura came under fire for calling lesbians a biological abberation. abberant (adjective)

3. abeyance (noun) a temporary lapse in activity; suspension. In the aftermath of 9/11. all normal activites were held in abeyance.

4. abjure (verb) The renounce or reject; to officially disclaim. After the EPA declared global warming to be real, Dubya abjured the document and had the department disolved

5. abrade (verb) To irritate by rubbing; to wear down in spirit. Even though she saved five dollar, Erma abjured her pro-sndpaper underwear stance as it abraded her skin severly abrasion (noun)

6. abridge (verb) To shorten. to reduce. Readers Digest keeps it's subscribers from being truly well-read by issueing several abridged novels every year, this freeing up readers time to write angry letters to the editor of their local newspaper.

7. abrogate (verb) To nullify, to abolish. the 14th amendment makes it illegal to abbrogate the rights of American citizens without due process of law. abbrogation (noun)

8. abscond (verb) to make a secret departure, to elope. the CEO of our company absconded to Bermuda with our pension fund

9. accretion (noun) A gradulal build up or enlargement. A accretion of troops continues in the middle east in prepeartion for further slaughter so we can get more cheap oil.

10. adjunct (noun) something added to another thing, but not a part of it; an associate or assistant. the military acts as an adjunct to Halburton and several oil companies, but so far does not receive stock options

11. adroit (adjective) skillfull, adept. Ralph Nader is highly adroit at pointing out the wrongs of the currents system

12. adulterate (verb) To corrupt, to make impure. While some people like milk choclate, purists see dairy products as an adulteration of fine chocolate

13. adversary (verb) an enemy or an oponent. Although many corporations claim to be friends to consumers, one only needs to look at their treatment of workers and their safety records to correctly cagagorize them into adversarial roles. adverse (adjective)

14. aesthete (noun) someone devoted to beauty and beautiful things. John Cage caused controversy partly because it was controversail whether or not he was even an aesthete. Some folks felt he was not because he intorduced noise into music. Other folks felt he was because he wanted his listeners to percieve the noise as beautiful. aesthetic (adjective)

15. affability (noun) the quality of being easy to talk to and gracious. A good hosts endeavors to be affable


Although he appeared to affable, he was in fact, an adversary. Thus it was not an abberation when he attempted to abscond with all my allies. But he was not as adroit as I. He did not abbrade me, I merely hatched a plan to bring my allies back to me and abrogate their allegiance to him. They would abjure their connection to him when they learned that I had the better taste in art! Yes, I am an aesthete. true, he may donate to the opera and he has slowly, through accretion built up something of an art collection, but he will be exposed as a fraud and my allies will return. a while ago, he purchased some sculptures, he thought as an adjunct to the rest of his art collection, which was mostly paintings at that point. but the sculptures were tacky! Tasteless! ugly! The acted to adulterate his collection, not enhance it. I learned that he foolishly planned to have a prty in his new scultpure garden, a party that would surely be abbreviated when the guests caught sight of his ghastly collection. And then, their allegiance to him would be abridged. My allies would return to a true lover of art and music. But what are these allies worth? I found myself questioning. Afterall, if their gatherings with me could be held in abeyance due to their loyalty to one so utterly tacky, tasteless boorish, boring and completly un-affable as this adversary, what do I need them for? so I abandoned my plans and set out in search of new freinds.

Day 2